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As winter approaches now is the time to re-evaluate how well your boots fit and if you had any comfort problems last winter.
We have been fitting Ski Boots for 29 years, and have worked with thousands of skiers. We have seen and experienced the many changes in technology and boot design and we know how crucial it is to have the right fit.
Blues will guarantee the fit on all new ski boots fitted by our team.


The majority of comfort and performance problems in ski boots originate from inadequate support under  the feet, from the footbed. Boot manufacturers provide a footbed for the average foot shape and very few skiers fall into that category. Only 20% of people have what could be described as normal feet.

When skiing the skier does not feel secure support or control until the foot is forced flat by the powerful closure pressures of the ski boot.

The foot cannot tolerate this pressure for long, this pressure generates stress on the foot, ill equipped to support weight on the inside (along the arch). The foot responds by PRONATING or flattening out. The knee is allowed to rotate far inside the ideal position. The entire lower body, particularly the knee, becomes weaker and less stable.


While skiing you steer your knee inward, to steer and edge your skis, your foot has to roll over even more inside the boot until it meets resistance against the sidewall of the boot.

Your feet are twisting and squirming around inside the boots and it gives the uncomfortable feeling of skiing against all the bony prominences of the shins, heels, ankles and the balls of the feet.

Bruising-cramps-blistering-burning and ankle bone pressure are all problems that skiers have experienced.

The two most common problems that exist are Pronation and Supination. This is the lateral rotation of the foot outwards or inwards.

Solution... When the foot is stabilised correctly in a neutral and balanced position in your ski boots with a firm moulded supportive insole, you are able to maintain a centred weight-bearing stance and posture, even in the most demanding situations.

Our custom fit insoles offer the ideal solution. We also offer a superb alternative premoulded footbed.

As well as a footbed, we will recommend a very high quality of sock.

We also use specialist tools to solve a wide range of problems including those caused by prominent ankle bones, wide feet and bunions. We can lengthen, widen or enlarge the boot in just about any area.

Result... Almost all pressure points will be eliminated.

You will ski with much better edge and steering control.

You will be as comfortable as you can ever expect to be in your ski boots.

You will feel more confident.

You will no longer require to buckle your boots as tightly, and you will feel much greater support under foot.

You will ski much more easily and with much less fatigue.

You will really feel your feet working and driving your skis.

We have experienced thousands of boot fitting challenges and have a great reputation for solving the problem.

Blues recommend Superfeet and Conformable footbeds. Occasionally we will recommend the services of a Podiatrist.

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