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The next time you are walking up the fairway behind your playing partners, have a look at their golf shoes from behind. If their shoe is collapsing to the inside when the heel of their shoe strikes the ground their foot is pronating. The opposite effect is supinating which can also be harmful. Foot beds fitted to you golf shoes can help to correct foot alignment and give protection to the knees, hips and back and really does support and distribute your weight more evenly through you feet. Once fitted your feet will feel much less tired during and after your game of golf.

Today’s professional golfers are now discovering why they need to have supportive foot beds fitted to their golf shoes.

Blues have been custom fitting foot beds for 27 years, mostly for skiers and runners where foot stress is very high, however the movement and foot pressure within golf shoes is also very high and the kind of support and energy benefits derived from having foot beds placed in your shoes is very noticeable.

The new Step in Golf is a great product designed specifically for the game.

Stephen Gallacher wins the 2004 Dunhill Links Championships at St. Andrews.
Stephen thinks his SIDAS Step in Golf custom footbeds "....are brilliant"